Watch DS11: Donna!!

Watch DS11: Donna!!

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  • DS12: Extended Dock

    An extended version of things falling apart between Carol & Addy on the dock. Introduction by actors Cody DeVos & Leah High.

  • Deleted Score 01: Introduction

    In 2006 Synthpop group How I Became The Bomb was asked to write several songs for the film. Although legal conflicts kept the songs out of the film, "Harvest," "Atlas," and "Blood Will Tell" all appeared on the groups debut album "Deadly Art." Introduction by HIBTB lead singer Jon Burr.

  • Deleted Score 02: "Harvest"

    How I Became The Bomb's "Harvest" originally scored the 80s inspired montage of the Darling Brothers settling in with Wendy at Rody's house. The song was eventually replaced with "Ride" by The Non-Commissioned Officers. Introduction by HIBTB lead singer Jon Burr.